THATH creations to Gift Mum

Impress Mum with a few of our cakes and treats for Mother's Day!


Celebrate with cakes from wonderland

With a wide range of celebration cakes to choose from, we’ve certainly got a cake that perfectly fits any occasion!

What's New in Wonderland

An Awe-Inspiring Autumn Menu

As the colder weather sets in, take comfort in the rich and heartwarming line-up of dishes our team has set out for you this Fall.

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Marvel at our Autumn Cakes & Treats

Our pastry team has done it again, making mastery and meticulousness look like it's so easy! These new creations will both delight and amaze you as you work your way through our huge range of sweet and savoury treats.

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Explore our Tropical Wonderland

Take on a new dining adventure in the midst of our Tropical-themed installation! Spot the flamingos and marvel at the greenery and colourful foliage spread across our venue while treating yourself to a meal or one of our beautiful cakes.

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